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Anaheim Garage Doors Opener Repair

Anaheim Garage Door is a trusted name when it comes to supplying you with a new garage door opener in Anaheim, CA. We also do garage door opener installation and repair at a very competitive price! We have a wide collection of garage door openers from all the major garage door makers like Liftmaster, Craftsman and Genie.
Before buying your new garage door opener, you need to know your requirements very well. For example if you have a garage door less than 10 feet wide, you need one type of door opener and if you have a extra-wide garage door more than 10 feet wide, you will need a different type with more Horse-Power. Following features or points should be considered before buying your new garage door opener:

  • Opener motor should generate enough power to bear the load of the garage door
  • Should be easy to connect with the existing home automation system
  • Should be able to run by alternative power source in case of main power outage
  • Should not make too much noise  
  • Motion detection control capability for reverse opening of the door
  • Reliable locking system, use of changeable code to minimize chances of burglary
  • Multiple remotes and Keyless entry pad

We at Anaheim Garage Door have highly knowledgeable technicians! They will not only install your garage door opener, they will also assist you with all the technical matters to choose your new garage door opener. Our technicians will come to your residence, take measurements of your garage door and tell you which types and makes of garage door openers can serve you better!

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We have great bonanza offers going on every now and then at Anaheim Garage Door! We also give great discounts on garage door opener installations! Sometimes we also do that for free depending on the make and model you choose! Please give us a call and find out what we are offering now.

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